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Licensed math teacher and tutor at your service!


**Announcement:  My tutoring services are available year round but primarily during the summer months.  During the school year I provide complimentary tutoring to any TCC student on Tuesdays before and after school.  I also have limited time blocked off from Sept thru June for private tutoring in the Tuscarawas County area but will not exceed around 8 hours per week due to an already jam packed work and home regimen.  That being said I have a couple of slots open at the moment, especially on Saturdays!

Aside from being a joke writer, my day job as I mentioned on the home page is high school math teacher.  I have done peer tutoring for 20 years with a four year stint at Sylvan Learning Center.  I specialize in pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, advanced algebra, precalculus, and ACT/SAT prep however any 7-12 grade level mathematics including some college math (AP Calculus, "AB" but not "BC") I'm quite comfortable with.  If you or someone you know is struggling with a math course and would like assistance (provided you reside in Tuscarawas County), I would love to help out!  My rate is $25/hr. (can make check payable to Martin Drexler) and you don't even have to leave your house as I do make home visits.  I can also meet you in a library, coffee shop, etc.  If it becomes a long-term service, I drop my rate down to $22.50/hr ($45 every two sessions) after the first ten hours.  References/testimonials are available upon request so don't hesitate to ask.  I am also on Facebook under "Tuscarawas County Math Tutor."  Feel free to email me anytime at [email protected] or call 330.808.1685 to find out more or to set up an appointment!

"Although I am a teacher and a comedian, I feel there is nothing funny about the importance of a great education." 



Some school-related jokes

Why was the math book so sad?

Because it had too many problems.


Why did the math student burn her finger when working with triangles?

Because triangles have 180 degrees.    


Why wouldn't a math teacher and a social studies teacher ever get married?

Because they just wouldn't have any chemistry.


What happened when the two English teachers got married?

They exchanged their vowels.


What is the definition of a rectangular prism?

It is where really bad rectangles go after they have broken the law.


What is the definition of sublime?

It is a green fruit aboard an underwater boat.


If you ever wanted to hunt down and capture a math teacher that you didn't like, what should you use?

A trapezoid.  (Maybe I shouldn't be so forthcoming about that information.)


My coaches always told me I had good hand-eye coordination growing up.  I guess you could say I had great Drexterity.


Math teachers are at their best when they're in their prime.


When I took choir in school, I didn't like it very much.  My teacher kept giving us true or falsetto tests.


When I was a senior in high school I told my dad I wanted to go to college and become an anesthesiologist.  He said "Go for it son, knock yourself out."

When I was in college I took a course on oceanography.  The chapter on ship voyages was really tough.  It took a while for all the information to sink in.


After graduating college I took a class while training to be a sales rep for Pepsi, Inc.  I really didn't like my teacher much though.  He kept giving us pop quizzes all the time.


As a high school algebra teacher, I feel that I can do pretty much anything I want... as long as I do the same thing to both sides of the classroom.


Okay I think that's enough groaners for now.  If you liked those, then I recommend picking up a copy of Almost Joke Book!  Have a nice day!  :-)

YouTube demonstrations

Through the Akron Public Schools, I have recently recorded several lessons that have been posted on www.youtube.com.  Most of the vids are my power point presentations on functions that I use more for teaching than tutoring.  However if you would like to view one to get a small glimpse into my teaching style, just type in akronpowermath (yes, one word) once you're there.  My lessons are:  Scientific Notation Discussion, Functions Part 3, Functions Part 6, and Functions Part 7A and 7B.  While there, you can also type my name in the search and view some of my stand-up comedy that I just recently started doing.  I hope your day is a good one!